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The mill

Historic foto of the mill The Untersberg marble grinding mill was founded in 1683 and is one of the oldest business enterprises of Bavaria. The marble balls (in German called Murmeln, Schusser or Kicker) popular above all as children's toys, were taken away from here, bound for all over the world. Via Rotterdam and London they were exported mainly to East- and West India. Up to between 600 and 800, sometimes even 1000 hundred-weights a year*.

For sailing ships they were a welcome freight, for in spite of their relatively high weight, they did not occupy much room. In 1921, the last marble balls of Untersberg marble left here, bound for London.

* 1 hundred-weight contains about 10 000 pieces

Historic foto of the mill

Still in the mid 19th centrury, the Almbach drove up to 40 mills to which further 90 mills in the environs had to be added.

Above all, those mills were run by the poor mountain farmers. So they had an additional money-making opportunity, for they could not live only on agriculture and wood utilization. The mass production of marble balls of clay and glass signified the end of this branch of trade.

The old inn  "Zur Kugelmühle" around 1900

The old inn "Zur Kugelmühle" around 1683.

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